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Dos Yidishe Kol: Sara Redt Vegn Montrealer Shuln

On March 28, 2012, Sara was interviewed by Mark David on The Yiddish Voice, a Yiddish radio program. Click play to listen to the full interview here.

Sara Tauben on The Yiddish Voice

“Dos Yidishe Kol”: Sara Ferdman Tauben Vegn Montrealer Shuln, dem 28stn Marts 2012,, vet di radio-program “Dos Yidishe Kol” (WUNR 1600-AM, Boston) prezentirn in intervyu mit Sara Ferdman Tauben, oytorin funem nayem bukh “Traces of the Past: Montreal’s Early Synagogues” (“Shpurn Fun Der Fargangenhayt: Montreals Friike Shuln”).


For more information on The Yiddish Voice, visit their web site:

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