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Shuln and Shulelach: Large and Small Synagogues in Montreal and Europe

Published by HUNGRY I BOOKS, 2008
Chapbook No. 3 in the Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies Chapbook Series

$10.00 CAN / US

This chapbook focuses on a range of subjects, which include synagogue architecture, the development of Montreal’s communal infrastructure, as well as the changes that affected devotional life in the city leading up to and after World War Two.

Sara Tauben uses as her focal point three anniversary booklets published by downtown synagogues in order to see how the institutions viewed themselves at particular times in their history.  To do so, she pays attention to contributions by leading rabbis, to strategies for survival, some of which are portrayed in Yiddish texts, which she has translated herself.

The outcome is a document that increases our awareness of the shifts that took place as communal life broke along old world / new world lines.

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