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Shuln and Shulelach: Large and Small Synagogues in Montreal and Europe

Published by HUNGRY I BOOKS, 2008 Chapbook No. 3 in the Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies Chapbook Series $10.00 CAN / US This chapbook focuses on a range of subjects, which include synagogue architecture, the development of Montreal’s communal infrastructure, …

Jewish presence at Expo 67

Published in The Canadian Jewish News, October 2, 2007 The six months between April 27 and Oct. 28, 1967 were a period that transformed Montreal forever. Unlike the ’76 Olympics, with their legacy of massive overspending and a widely criticized …

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Skirt Story

Published in the Jerusalem Report, January 16, 2012 Before beginning a decade-long research project on Montreal’s early synagogues, Sara had a full career in design – first in fashion design and later in interior design. Here she responds to an …

Shomrim Laboker: In Honour of a 100th Anniversary Celebration

October 2001 Sara was invited to contribute an article detailing the history of the six immigrant congregations that merged to form the current Shomrim Laboker congregation, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2001. Click here to read the full article …

Dos Yidishe Kol: Sara Redt Vegn Montrealer Shuln

On March 28, 2012, Sara was interviewed by Mark David on The Yiddish Voice, a Yiddish radio program. Click play to listen to the full interview here. Sara Tauben on The Yiddish Voice “Dos Yidishe Kol”: Sara Ferdman Tauben Vegn Montrealer …

B’nai Jacob: Then & Now

Most of the historic synagogues of Montreal were converted to other purposes as the community moved to post-war neighbourhoods.  Built in 1918, the B’nai Jacob was sold to the College Français in the 1950s. Much of the original exterior remains …