Looking at Synagogues Here and There: Understanding the Past through Buildings

Sunday, February 26th, 2012 — 4:00 pm
Jewish Community of Greater Stowe, 1189 Cape Cod Road, Stowe, Vermont

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A free illustrated presentation & discussion with Sara Ferdman Tauben, author of the new book, Traces of the Past: Montreal’s Early Synagogues.

Los Angeles native and part-time Stowe resident, Sara is the leading expert on the early synagogues of Montreal, her home now for more than 30 years. The history of the first synagogues established in Montreal is a vibrant case study of Jewish immigrant communities across North America before 1945.

Consulting historic maps, photos, and Yiddish records, Sara examines the local activities of the community in relation to the debates that went into the building of synagogues in 19th century Europe. Much like today, societal changes and challenges were reflected in the selection of architectural styles, interior decoration and the layout of synagogues.

Discussion is welcome regarding the choices and challenges encountered in constructing the JCOGS building by a group of people who came from other places to create a Jewish community in Stowe, not unlike the early immigrants to Montreal.

The presentation will be followed by a reception with light refreshments and a book signing with the author.

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