KlezKanada Laurentian Retreat

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012 — 3:45 pm
Camp B'nai Brith, Lantier, Quebec

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One of the themes of this summer’s lecture program is Going Back to the Main: Rediscovering the sites, sounds and shuls of Yiddish Montreal.

2011-12 has been a landmark year in the publication of new research looking at a particular and significant moment in the history of Montreal’s Jewish community including Sara’s new book,  Traces of the Past: Montreal’s Early Synagogues, which reveals the architectural traces of a culture with a photography portfolio by another KlezKanada regular, David Kaufman.

Sara will participate in several sessions exploring Montreal before 1945 along with other colleagues:

Chantal Ringuet recently published À la découverte du Montréal yiddish (Fides, 2011) [Discovering Yiddish Montreal] and is working on an anthology of French language translations entitled Voix yiddish de Montréal [Yiddish Voices of Montreal].

Pierre Anctil has long been acknowledged as central figure in understanding the Jewish community in Montreal and Quebec – his forthcoming new book is a biography of the Montreal Yiddish poet, Jacob-Isaac Segal.

Young urban planner and researcher, Zev Moses, recently launched the Interactive Museum of Jewish Montreal and is bringing nearly forgotten stories to a new generation with innovative technology. Zev will join Sara and researcher Mary Anne Poutanen to discover the Montreal of Rabbi Glazer – a brash, complicated, and determined crusader of social justice who lived in Montreal in the early 1900s.

Norman Ravvin is an award-winning fiction writer and the Chair in Canadian Jewish Studies at Concordia University. He will give several talks about important Canadian Jewish poets (Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton, A.M. Klein) to augment this summer’s inaugural Poetry Retreat.

A detailed schedule of when you can hear Sara’s presentations will be posted shortly. Day passes are available!


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