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Bagg Street Shul Reinvigorated

The interior of the Bagg Street Shul at 3919 Clark Street. Photo: David Kaufman, 2000

Temple Solomon (or Beis Shloime) is popularly known as The Bagg Street Shul. It is the only pre-war synagogue still functioning in the former immigrant neighbourhoods of the Plateau Mont Royal. The shul was kept open through some four difficult decades by Joseph Brick, who lived next door and cared for it devotedly. Joe passed away in 2009. Today, perhaps improbably, the shul finds itself undergoing a remarkable renewal, as suggested by the following letter from November 2011:

Dear Ms. Tauben,

The shul is prospering.  For the first time in its history it is sparkling clean, complies with all municipal codes, and sports a garden in front that at the height of the season just lifts the heart. There are morning services every shabbos and yom tov, and evening services for Kol Nidre and Purim, and a nice kiddush after every service, even on Rosh Hashana. Best of all, everything at Bagg Street is free of charge, including High Holiday seats. Membership is acquired by coming on shabbos, choosing a seat, and shabbos after shabbos keeping that seat warm.

I am telling you this to make the point that while the shul is perhaps something of an historical monument, it is also very much alive in every possible way.


Michael Kaplan

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  1. Aron Kohn says:

    Is there a possibility to visit this Shul in weekdays?
    I am a teacher and would like to show this historic Shul to my students.

    Aron Kohn

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