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Memories of the Kiever, Toronto

My mother’s parents, newly arrived immigrants (1911 and 1913) from Brusilov, Russia, were members of the Kiever Shul and lived near Kensington Market. If the service was long and the youngsters got restless, they would go across the road and play in the park, sometimes enjoying a picnic lunch while waiting for their mother to come downstairs and out the side door and for their father who was still davening with the others.

How I wish we could be there to help celebrate and take pictures…and hear the history as presented and written today.

We live in California and will not be attending, but we will be thinking of you. I have taken the Spadina and Kensington tour more than once while we enjoy our summer visits to Toronto where both my husband and I grew up. We still have family there and enjoy listening to my 97 year old aunt (my mother’s sister) tell stories from their childhood.

We’ll be thinking of you as you celebrate.

Elaine Socol
February 2012
writing with regrets to the 100th Birthday Party for the Kiever Synagogue hosted by Makom Toronto in conjunction with the Toronto book launch for Traces of the Past

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